7 Secrets for Success I Learned from an Evening with Oprah Winfrey that Every Businesswoman Needs to Know (Part 4)



I had the pleasure of meeting Oprah Winfrey recently and I was able to sit in on an intimate talk she gave, offering pearls of wisdom that will help any businessperson succeed. I’m sharing her insights in this four-part series. Today are insights six and seven.


  • Stay positive, no matter what


Oprah shared one of the personal challenges she has overcome is how she leverages the fact that people often have very low expectations of her. She uses it to surprise people with her capability and talents because of the low expectations they have of her. She uses the third law physics – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – to achieve a positive response.

Your number one job is to put out positive energy because you get back what you put out into the universe. If you are putting out positive energy, you will get it back. If you are putting out negativity and bad feelings, that too will come back to you.

She will allow you to be the master of your fate. Focus on what you’re going to make happen for you. That may take some time, even years, but it’s important to stay positive. Don’t give up on your dreams.



  • Celebrate your success and be grateful and joyful for what you have
    Oprah shared how important is to live a life full of joy, vigor, and fulfillment. She measures success by the number people she loves. Pay your success forward in some way. Have a satisfying and joyful life.

She discussed how blessed and excited she was to be in a relationship, a partnership, in love with Stedman Graham, the man of her dreams. She shared her story about how her relationship with Stedman occurred when she believed she was ready to be partnered with someone who loved her in the way she deserved to be loved.

I would love to hear the Oprah “Aha” insights that you gained from her shows or her other publications. I encourage you to put attending one of Oprah’s conferences on your bucket list. I truly believe it will be a very worthwhile, rewarding experience.

Please look for our next blog post, “Secrets, Lies, and Video Clips on the Road to Taking Their Business to the Next Level.” We’ll cover the journey that small business owners go through to build a business of their dreams.    


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