7 Secrets for Success I Learned from an Evening with Oprah Winfrey that Every Businesswoman Needs to Know (Part 3)


I had the pleasure of meeting Oprah Winfrey recently and I was able to sit in on an intimate talk she gave, offering pearls of wisdom that will help any businessperson succeed. I’m sharing her insights in this four-part series. Today are insights four and five.

  1. Hire great people that are better than you and passionate on executing your mission

Oprah said that when she started her TV show she treated her team as a family. Decisions were made democratically. She did everything. She didn’t delegate because she was more concerned about being friendly and nice to folks. She found that it wore her out and she didn’t get much done.

She determined she had to change that arrangement. She changed her team and brought in people with exceptional experience. She recruited and retained people who were focused and made a priority of understanding, relating to, and serving her target audience.

She used this similar methodology to hire the president of OWN network. Often business books and leaders state that you need to hire your team to be better than you. But that also means you should make sure that they are passionate and focused on executing your business strategy and operational plan.

  1. Make continuing personal development a priority

Oprah talked about how important it is to make time for personal growth because it will fuel your vitality as a business leader. Take time to “work on yourself” to help you get what you want to achieve externally. That means doing things to make sure you feel good, happy, and confident. You have to achieve this in your own personal way. She shared one way of taking time for yourself is with meditation. You must treat yourself how you want others to treat you and don’t compromise.

While this may sound like just a personal development goal, Oprah believes it’s important to business leaders. Many of the challenges business owners face are with sleeping, stress, and tiredness. These can lead to bigger health issues and negatively affect the overall quality of your work and life as well as relationships with employees and partners.


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