7 Secrets for Success I Learned from an Evening with Oprah Winfrey that Every Businesswoman Needs to Know (Part 2)


I had the pleasure of meeting Oprah Winfrey recently and I was able to sit in on an intimate talk she gave, offering pearls of wisdom that will help any businessperson succeed. I’m sharing her insights in this four-part series. Today are insights two and three.

  1. When it comes to managing time and money, sometimes it’s necessary to say “No”

Oprah shared with us that as she gained success, that she was constantly asked by friends, family, and others for her time and money to solve their problems. She shared how she felt guilty and compelled to continuously give because she didn’t want people to think poorly of her. She wanted people to think she was nice. She told us how she had conversations with her partner, Stedman Graham, about addressing this issue of wanting to be perceived as being “nice” all the time.

She said she eventually realized this was not a healthy process – for her or the people she was giving her time and money to. It was okay to say “No.” In fact, it’s necessary.

  1. Nothing is wasted: You can learn and grow from every experience
    Oprah shared that every incident and experience in your life, whether positive or negative, can be used as a positive guiding light to help you achieve your life goals and objectives

She said that people become in life what they believe they deserve. That does not mean that you get what you want or need. Before you will be able to achieve the life you want, you need to check your beliefs.

She said she has often been asked how you become that person you believe you deserve to be. You must commit to saying you will do better and believe you deserve better. She also shared that everyone has a thread that connects all of the their experiences in their life, that has meaning to where you are now and where you are headed. Nothing is wasted. It doesn’t matter how challenged, difficult or traumatic an experience was for you.  All of these experiences shape your character. Use them to live your life for the greater good.

For example, Oprah shared she learned how to read and speak in church as a young child. This helped her get advanced from kindergarten to second grade in her first week of school. Then, when she was in high school, she won Ms. Fire Prevention because she again leveraged her speaking and presentation skills. All of these experiences helped her build a foundation for her career in broadcasting.


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