Celebrating Veteran Leaders Who Continue to Service Their Communities As Business Leaders and Employers


This week is National Veterans Small Business Week, a recognition that started in 2014 to honor those veteran business leaders who continue to serve our country by creating jobs and fueling economic growth.

In celebrating the Veterans Small Business Week, we recognize our military veterans have unique leadership expertise that make them great assets in the small business leadership arena. Did you know that veterans represent only 6% of the total U.S. population but account for 13.5% (or 3.7 million) of all small businesses in the United States? These businesses employ 5.8 million Americans, pay wages in excess of $210 billion, and contribute $1.7 trillion to the U.S. GDP. Veteran-owned businesses truly are fueling the economy.

This week gives us the opportunity to spotlight the efforts of our military veterans who have leveraged their years of leadership in active military service to take on the responsibility of leadership of a civilian small business enterprise. In celebration of this year’s National Veterans Small Business Week we are spotlighting a group of five outstanding business leaders. Each are on the path to have a tremendous impact on their business’ industries and demonstrate leadership for others to follow for their contributions to their communities.


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