Part 3: Six Secrets That Lead To Wal-Mart Shoppers Craze For Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies

Readers of our blog articles can look forward to learning strategies, techniques, and “real world” examples of how women, minority, and veteran led businesses are funding and growing their companies to achieve success. In our first blog series, we will share insights and the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video.
 About Founders First Capital Partners, LLC: Founders First Capital Partners, LLC., (; is headquartered in San Diego, CA and is making history with the launch of the first revenue-based financer and online accelerator supporting to underserved markets. We focus on businesses led by women, ethnic minorities, and veterans.

In our last two blogs we discussed the craze surrounding Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies and the first two points of the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video.

The first five points, of the six secrets, come from Clint Arthur, founder of Celebrity Launchpad. He suggests that entrepreneurs looking to book television news or talk shows should include in their pitch to producers the following components: 1) the “hook,” 2) the celebrity tie-in, 3) props, 4) appropriate costume, and 5) the take away. We recommend using these same five factors when creating a youtube or marketing video, with the addition of a sixth point, endorsement by an un-biased third party.

In this blog, we will discuss points three and four of the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video. We will apply points three and four to Mr. Wright’s youtube video about Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies.

3) Props

Arthur states that, “because television is a visual medium, any pitch that includes props (devices, pictures, animals, examples) or demonstrations (pet tricks, cooking tips) are television magic.“

In Mr. Wright’s viral video he uses Patti’s sweet potato pie as his only prop. He holds up the pie, demonstrates to the camera how beautiful the pie looks. He even smells the pie. Lastly, he cuts a piece of the pie and takes a bite of the pie. It’s at this point he starts to sing, lick his fingers, dancing, and praising how delicious the pie is. He even says “you can turn into Patti after eating this!” His demonstration and reaction to the first taste of Patti’s pie is extremely entertaining for the audience.


4) Appropriate Costume

Arthur’s explains, “wearing appropriate costume…is vital to a successful segment on TV.”

In Mr. Wright’s video, he is wearing casual attire. It’s clear to the viewer that he is at home, wearing everyday clothing like any one of us would after a long day. His casual clothing makes him relatable to the viewer. Most importantly, we believe he is a real customer of the pies and not an actor.

Stay tuned for our last blog in this series discussing points five and six of the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video.


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