Part 2: Six Secrets That Lead To Wal-Mart Shoppers Craze For Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies

Readers of our blog articles can look forward to learning strategies, techniques, and “real world” examples of how women, minority, and veteran led businesses are funding and growing their companies to achieve success. In our first blog series, we will share insights and the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video.
 About Founders First Capital Partners, LLC: Founders First Capital Partners, LLC., (; is headquartered in San Diego, CA and is making history with the launch of the first revenue-based financer and online accelerator supporting to underserved markets. We focus on businesses led by women, ethnic minorities, and veterans.

In our last blog we discussed the craze surrounding Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies, this past holiday season.

So what’s so special about Patti’s pies? Well they’ve always been delicious, but they didn’t reach peak demand until after Mr. Wright’s viral video. This leads to the logical conclusion that what dictates success isn’t necessarily how great a product is or that the pie was sold at Walmart, the largest retailer, but rather, a whole host of factors.

We’ve developed the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video. The first five points come from Clint Arthur, founder of Celebrity Launchpad. He suggests that entrepreneurs looking to book television news or talk shows should include in their pitch to producers the following components: 1) the “hook,” 2) the celebrity tie-in, 3) props, 4) appropriate costume, and 5) the take away. We recommend using these same five factors when creating a youtube or marketing video, with the addition of a sixth point, endorsement by an un-biased third party.

Below, we’ve applied this six-point secret plan to Mr. Wright’s youtube video. In going through the analysis of point one and two, it’s easy to understand why his video went viral and the subsequent success of Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies.

1) The “hook”

According to Clint Arthur, “the hook should align to the local audience,” be timely, and be interesting to the audience.

In Mr. Wright’s video about Patti’s pies, he specifically made the video for his friends and family. The video was entertaining, hilarious, and interesting to the viewers. The video was timely, because it was during the holiday season, when demand for pie is greatest. Lastly, he made the video for those he knew were curious about Patti’s pies and interested in finding delicious pies.

2) The Celebrity Tie-In

Clint Arthur explains that tying your message with a celebrity, allows the entrepreneur to “3-dimensionalize” the message about a theme into a face and persona the public will recognize.


Source: Cooking Channel

In Mr. Wright’s video, you hear him saying Patti’s name throughout the video. He says he loves Patti and bought Patti’s pie. At one point he speaks directly to Patti and even sings her songs. As a viewer, we instantly understand that the video is about Patti LaBelle’s pies. The public is able to readily recognize who Patti Labelle is from his singing and monologue about Patti.

In our next blog, we will discuss points three and four of the six secrets for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful viral video.


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